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How to take the download that came from the awakening into a tech platform that fixes the Internet? How to design something that brings everyone into the Co-creation Economy? What is Shoptype? A video speaks a million words. Video Get started at Shoptype if you already know what you’re doing. Or let’s talk first so we can make recommendations.


The World Wide Web was launched on 12th March 1989, with the hope that humanity would come together as one, and use the Internet to achieve peace and prosperity for all. Nearly 32 years have passed, and the vision of a unified world and a seamless peer-to-peer economy have failed to materialize. Until now. What is an Awake Business? The basic premise of any Awake Business is quite simple. Today, “Big Tech” and other tech companies have become incredibly expensive for businesses, often charging as high as 30% to 50% when you account for platform fees, payment processing fees, and customer acquisition costs. This is true for Apple and Google App Stores, true for the likes of AirBnB and Uber and DoorDash and Amazon, and practically any tech company today. One hardly needs mention Facebook. What Awake does is very simple – it takes this 40%+ of cash flows – and instead of giving it away to tech platforms, Awake enables businesses to pay actual human beings who do the work to drive sales, across any and all Internet platforms. And this forms the very simple basis of any Awake Business: entrepreneurs have started various verticals, powered by communities, by applying the Awake Market Network Engine to take the 40%+ cash flows within such market network, retain a bit of it for the business (say 10%), and then pay hundreds or thousands of other folks portions from the remaining 30%, for helping promote and drive sales, simply by using their personal networks, online and offline. Everyone wins. ????


More and more people are quitting their jobs in order to go it alone, or to start something with cofounders. A trending hashtag has been #YOLO which stands for You Only Live Once, and it means that one ought to do what gives one meaning, not what one is brainwashed to do by society and others. Why is #YOLO trending? Because folks are realising life is more than working all the time and on other folks’ terms. Because folks want independence and freedom and more control over their lives. Because we live in a unique time when it is possible to launch a business and create wealth in the new digital economy. Awake has created a vibrant ecosystem of alternate opportunities, all of them entrepreneurial in nature, with built-in capacity to create inter-generational wealth.